Cost of Fourth of July Celebrations on the Rise

picnic(AP) — Packing a picnic for the Fourth of July has a new price tag: less than $6 per person.

The American Farm Bureau Federation this year launched an informal price survey to tally the cost of hot dogs, burgers and other Independence Day fare.

The group says the average cost of a summertime picnic including hot dogs, cheeseburgers, pork spare ribs, potato salad and lemonade comes to $57.20 for 10 people, or $5.72 per person.

The American Farm Bureau Federation’s picnic menu also includes baked beans, watermelon, corn chips, chocolate milk, ketchup and mustard.

The trade group produces an annual informal price survey for Thanksgiving fare. Last year, the group said a turkey dinner with all the trimmings would cost about $49.48 for 10, or slightly less than $5 per person.

  • what?

    They must have not been shopping at wal-mart in north platte… just to feed 5 people hotdogs and hamburgers and jello salad it cost us 67 bucks.

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    • chris

      i’ll pay anything not to give walmart my money, the heck with giving sams kids and big business my money…….go local…we’ll give you a smile and appreciate your business, did you ever see happy people or cashiers in walmart’s long lines…

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