And the Worst Fast Food Meal In America Is…

big-catchWe all know that fast food is bad for us. But how about the worst of the bad? That distinction goes to a fishy fried food feast.

The Center for Science and the Public Interest (CSPI) has declared the “worst meal in America” as Long John Silver’s “Big Catch.” The meal includes fried haddock, fried hush puppies, and fried onion rings … and a whopping 33 grams of trans fat − 16 times the recommended daily limit. It also has 19 grams of saturated fat, nearly 3,700 milligrams of sodium and 1,320 calories.

Other fast food items have more calories – but it’s the partially hydrogenated frying oil that makes this meal so unhealthy.

“Long John Silver’s Big Catch meal deserves to be buried 20,000 leagues under the sea,” said CSPI executive director Michael F. Jacobson. “This company is taking perfectly healthy fish – and entombing it in a thick crust of batter and partially hydrogenated oil. The result? A heart attack on a hook. Instead of the Big Catch, I’d call it America’s Deadliest Catch.”