Bond Set at $2 Million for Teens Charged in North Platte Stabbing

Keenan Lambert

Keenan Lambert

Bond has been set at $2 million for two Nebraska teens accused of stabbing two female employees at the Nebraska Youth Center in North Platte.

18-year-old Keenan Lambert and 16-year-old Jordan Baker appeared in Lincoln County Court on Wednesday.

Both face charges of two counts of attempted first-degree murder, use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony, escape and theft.  They are being charged as adults.

Lambert and Baker were charged after they allegedly stabbed Diana Johns and Robin Schneider, who were employees at the youth shelter, then stole Schneider’s car and fled the scene.

A Dawson County Sheriff’s Deputy stopped the duo on Interstate 80 shortly after the incident and placed them under arrest.

The conditions of the victims is unknown.

Lambert and Baker will be back in court for a preliminary hearing on July 18th.

  • Doris Henson

    Keep them locked up!!! Evil brats!

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  • NPgrad89

    These two need to be charged as adults, and to the fullest extent of the law. They were not in a locked facility, they were in a group home. The staff is there to supervise and ensure safety, provide guidance and offer boundaries. There was NO REASON to attack and stab the women working that night. The boys could simply have walked out the front door of their own free will. The stark violence of this crime was completely unnecessary. They need to be locked away.

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  • GARY

    BIG BUBBA will take care of them in prison they will become his B*TCHES

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    • Somepeopleskids

      I was thinking the same thing!!

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  • http://facebook really

    I’m sure they will not spend to much time with our judicial system if they spend any

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  • Philip Sailors

    Let the legal system take its course but what will happen is it will be plea bargined down you have seen how lincoln county works I have no faith in any of them

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  • Val

    I get so tired of the mythical “Bubba.”

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    • christina

      He’s not mythical… He does indeed exist!

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  • Citizen Kane

    let them out and let the community do what they want with them.

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