Matt Damon Creates a Stir at UNL

matt-damon-at-unl(AP) — The man in the gray T-shirt and blue ball cap sported a name tag that said “M. Damon” and created a stir as he toured the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus.

It was megastar movie actor Matt Damon, who first gained movie fame as a troubled math genius working as a janitor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Damon told well-wishers that he was in Lincoln on Wednesday to attend New Student Enrollment Day with his nephew, who’d enrolled as a freshman and will start classes there in the coming fall semester.

Damon and university officials declined to give the new student’s name.

Damon said he “basically bought out” the University Bookstore while stocking up on Nebraska Cornhusker gear for his children.

  • ralph mouth

    You go Matt Damon, support our Huskers!

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  • Dude

    I’m surprised he even stepped foot in a Conservative state, being he’s such a libtard and Obama d*ck sucker.

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  • rowdy1

    Not many people consider politics when they go places. Obviously you think life revolves around politics, and things never changing, err being a conservative.

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  • city girl

    Dude is really cool, oh wait….he’s the only one who thinks so! lol

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