Michigan Woman Faces Trial in Fake Cancer Case

Sara Ylen

Sara Ylen

(AP) — An eastern Michigan woman accused of faking cancer has been ordered to stand trial on fraud and five other charges.

After hearing 10 witnesses over two days, a Sanilac County judge on Friday said prosecutors revealed enough evidence against Sara Ylen (WHY’-lin).

Authorities say the 38-year-old Lexington woman didn’t have cancer, despite receiving hospice care worth $100,000. Ylen also benefited from fundraisers, especially a 2012 church event that raised more than $10,000.

Ylen didn’t present any evidence in court to show she actually had cancer. Witnesses say she claimed to be a patient at the University of Michigan cancer center and an Illinois cancer center. But both say they never treated her.

In a separate case, Ylen is awaiting trial on a charge of making a false report of rape.

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    What a piece of work,

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    What a slap in the face to real cancer victims! I can’t even think of a suitable punishment…..

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    Sick sick woman!!! How can she look at herself?!

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