Hammer Time: NP Woman Busted Trying to Burglarize Home

Tara Baker

Tara Baker

A North Platte woman is facing felony charges after she was busted trying to break into a North Platte residence with a hammer.

At around 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, Officers from the North Platte Policed Department (NPPD) responded to a residence in the 2400 block of West 9th Street on the report of a female trying to break into the home with a hammer.

Upon arrival, Officers learned that the suspect, 29-year-old Tara Baker, had fled the scene in a vehicle.

According to a NPPD news release, Police made contact with Baker at her residence in the 1500 Block of West 1st Street, and questioned her about the incident.  Baker claimed she was attempting to break into the residence to check on a friend who “needed her help.”

Police didn’t buy the story, and cited Baker for Criminal Mischief due to the damage she had caused to the trailer.

Following further investigation, Officers determined there was probable cause to believe Baker had gone to the trailer to steal.  As a result, Baker was again located and arrested for Attempted Burglary and Possession of Burglary Tools, both felonies.

She was jailed at the Lincoln County Detention Center.

  • what?

    This woman also left her small boy in a car when it was 90+ degrees outside so she could go into Wendy’s and eat… when confronted about it she hurled insults and sped away like a crazy woman.

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    Is this the same one that worked at Pizza Hutt

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      Yup she is…I worked with her

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  • Emily

    Wendy’s forgot my soda in drive thru I was in a hurry my sons 11 the ac was on! Have ANOTHER TRIPLE STACK BACON CHEESEBURGER NO VEGGIES FATTY!

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    • what?

      ok… you said he was nine and the car was off. As for my weight… you look like you could go without some wendy’s and lose that flabby man gut you had hanging over those jeans. You stanked like stale weed and nearly hit oncoming traffic while burning out to get out of there when someone else said the cops were called. But I guess you are mother of the year. Where you trying to break in that trailer to get some bread to feed your kids because you smoked up your welfare and shoved the rest of the check in your mouth at Wendy’s? I hope CPS takes a hard look at your life no kids should grow up with a careless parent like you. Next time I see your car with a kid in it I will just call the cops and wait next to it.

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        I’m confused…emily?? Thought you were tara. Wow.

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  • big bad

    sounds like another one of n plates finest … county attorneys and judges .. we the people are tired of you plea barging and slapping them on the wrist .. stand up and show the world north platte judicial system has some balls..

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  • concerned

    She has 3 kids and still acts like shes 15 years old and has been dealing drugs for years. She needs to grow up and think about her kids.

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