City of Alliance Takes Control of Carhenge

carhenge(AP) — It lacks the cultural significance of the original prehistoric monument in England, but western Nebraska’s junk-car tribute to Stonehenge remains a top tourist draw in state — even if it is more likely to attract gearheads than Druids.

Officials in the western Nebraska city of Alliance next week are expected to take control of Carhenge, the 26-year-old mashup monument to English prehistory and the American automobile.

If the deal is approved, the city in October will assume ownership of the Stonehenge lookalike, once labeled the No. 2 wackiest attraction in America.

Carhenge was built in 1987 by Jim Reinders and his family as a memorial to his father. The monument is comprised of 38 automobiles arranged in a circle to closely resemble the stones at England’s Stonehenge.

  • fnp

    I have personally been by there hundreds of times and have yet to actually see one person stopped there to look at it.

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  • him

    you were there hundreds of times and didn’t look once in the rear-view mirror before backing up? seems somewhat dangerous, but alright :)

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