Columbus Man Accused of Abusing Infant Makes Plea Deal

child-abuse(AP) — A Columbus man is scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 16 for abusing his 4-month-old son.

25-year-old Jeremy Hetrick made a deal with prosecutors and pleaded no contest to a reduced abuse charge earlier this week.

Prosecutors say Hetrick had abused the infant at a Columbus apartment he shared with the boy’s mother.

Court records say Hetrick called 911 on Jan. 22 to report that his son had stopped breathing. Police Capt. Bret Strecker stated in an affidavit that doctors later said the boy had bleeding on the brain and three healed rib fractures.

Strecker said Hetrick acknowledged that he’d lost patience when his son became fussy that night, had squeezed the boy and then head-butted him very hard.

  • fnp

    this f-ing moron needs to have his nuts removed. what kind of a jerkoff would do that to any baby, let alone his own child? take the baby away and give him to someone who deserves to be a father/dad.

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    • klk

      Normally, I would be agreeing wholeheartedly with you, but in this instance, I just happen to know the family. This man is normally very mild-mannered, loves kids, and is regarded as a really good guy. But he was unprepared for how to cope with a baby that was crying incessantly, and had no other adult in the home. It’s terrible that he ended up snapping like that, but it just shows how important parenting classes and support systems are, for both fathers and mothers. He definitely needs counseling for how to handle the frustrations of parenting, but let me tell you, there are all kinds of abuse that is far worse and it’s happening every minute of every day in our Nebraska towns and cities, and it goes unreported and/or isn’t investigated thoroughly. There are serial physical, mental and sexual child abusers in this state and others who continue to breed and add to their hoard of children every day….children whose lives and psyche they will destroy. This was a one-time short for this Jeremy, and an intervention happened immediately. Instead of cursing him to a fate of never seeing the light of day and of never being allowed to parent, let’s pray that God will take him by the hand, help him as a father…and that he gets the skills he needs to BE a father.

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      • :-S

        Child abuse (beating them or sexually assaulting) is the worst kind of abuse possible! Doesn’t matter if he’s usually mild mannered or not, he beat his own child and needs to be put in jail. Our kids are our future and noone has the right to hit ANY child when they’re mad or frustrated. I’m a mother of 2 and learned at 21 that kids cry, just have to walk away. He doesn’t deserve to be a dad

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  • oldman3066

    Yet again a serious crime against a baby and the person pleads down, which in turn will probably equal a slap on the wrist!!!! WAKE UP NEBRASKA JUSTICE SYSTEM!!!!! You are supposed to be protecting the children not letting the abusers get away scotch free or with a slap on the wrist.

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  • meanoldwoman

    he needs to go to prison and released to general pop with a tattoo telling every one he is a child abuser

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  • http://nptelegraph omg

    Nebraska has the most Children in foster care…in the UNITED STATES!!! Nebrask’s HHS system is truly messed up. And this man doesn’t desaerve to see this child again. Obviously there is a psycological problem behind him snapping at an infant AND HEAD BUTTING HIM! Who in their right mind DOES THAT?!?!

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