Firefighters Union Sues Omaha Over Budget Plan

OMAHA-FIRE-AND-RESCUE-BADGE(AP) — Omaha’s firefighter union has filed a lawsuit against the city and top officials, claiming the mayor’s proposed budget violates a collective bargaining agreement.

The Professional Firefighters Association of Omaha filed the suit Tuesday.

It claims Mayor Jean Stothert’s proposed budget seeks cuts that conflict with Omaha’s obligations under the collective bargaining deal. The lawsuit seeks to block Stothert’s proposal, which the union says violates an agreement requiring the city to meet standards established by the National Fire Protection Association.

Stothert says her proposal for firefighter layoffs and removal of fire trucks would only proceed if the city and union can’t reach an agreement.

Stothert signed an order Friday saying the city will try to comply with association standards while meeting budget needs.

The lawsuit also names Fire Chief Mike McDonnell.