Omaha Man Gets Prison for Aiming Laser Pointer at Airliner

laser-pointer(AP) — An Omaha man who aimed a laser point at a jetliner and police helicopter has been given two years in federal prison.

30-year-old Michael Smith was sentenced on Monday.

Prosecutors say a Southwest Airlines pilot reported that a laser pointer was aimed into his cockpit as the airliner was landing at Omaha’s Eppley Airfield on the morning of July 11, 2012. A police helicopter responded, and it, too, was targeted several times by a laser pointer. The pilot of the helicopter reported that he was temporarily blinded by the laser beam.

A Douglas County sheriff’s deputy testified that he found Smith in his backyard, pointing the laser at aircraft.

  • Really???

    This seems a little over the top…was the guy doing it on purpose because he knew he could blind pilots?? Man i better put my laser pointer up…the animals are going to prosecute me next.

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    • c’mon man

      Don’t be pointing that at any living creatures eyes.

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  • PB

    This is part of the problem with our justice system, if there is no victim, where is the crime?

    BTW I have a hard time believing the pilot was temporarily blinded by the laser beam. He is a cop right!

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