Woman Who Sued NSP for Return of $1 Million Says She Hasn’t Been Paid

state-patrol-logo(AP) — An attorney for a California woman who successfully sued to get back more than $1 million seized during a Nebraska traffic stop says she has not yet been repaid.

Attorney Roger Diamond said Wednesday that Tara Mishra, of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., is due to give birth soon and “could really use that money.”

A Nebraska state trooper seized the money after a March 3 traffic stop on Interstate 80 near North Platte, saying that a police dog determined the presence of drugs on the money. But Mishra proved in court through tax returns that the money is her life savings, earned over years as an exotic dancer.

Officials with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Nebraska did not immediately return messages Wednesday seeking comment on whether the government plans to appeal.

  • Ellen

    this story has made national headlines lol

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  • fnp

    the state probobly spent it .

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    • Bob

      I agree that the state has probably spent it. HHS was in hot water for misusing money, and other areas where overspending took place. I am glad this has gotten out about how seizure of ones belongings don’t necessarily need to happen. Of course there’s going to be a lot of money out there with the scent of drugs and paraphanilia on it beside all of the hands the money had been in previously. Maybe the drug for agencies should look at how they handle the situations better from now on.

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