NE Supreme Court Upholds Rape Conviction and Sentence

Armon Dixon

Armon Dixon

(AP) — The Nebraska Supreme Court has upheld the conviction and lengthy sentence of a Lincoln man who repeatedly raped a woman during a 2009 home invasion.

Armon Dixon was sentenced last year to 80 to 140 years in prison for sexual assault, robbery and a weapons charge. Police say Dixon pushed his way into an apartment, pulled a gun on the woman, threatening to kill her and her 3-year-old son, then repeatedly raped her over the next 10 hours. Dixon was already serving up to 120 years for robbing a convenience store and raping its clerk a month before the home invasion.

On Friday, the Nebraska Supreme Court rejected all of Dixon’s arguments, including that he should not have been sentenced as a habitual offender and that his sentence was excessive.


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