Climate Change Rally Scheduled at NE State Capitol

NE-State-Capitol(AP) — Activists pushing for new climate change standards are set to hold a weekend rally at the Nebraska Capitol.

The “I Will Act on Climate” event on Saturday is part of a 27-state bus tour to highlight local support for action on the issue. Supporters will gather at 10:30 a.m. to hear from Nebraska state Sens. Ken Haar and Annette Dubas, advocates from the Nebraska Farmers Union, and the CEO of Behlen Manufacturing Company, a metal fabricator based in Columbus.

Participants also plan to form the words, “I Will,” for an aerial photo.

  • Aces Full

    The title should have been, “The Gullible Unite!”

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  • Shep

    They’re going to do that with a straight face and wearing a sweatshirt in July?

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  • what?

    Record low temps across the state and these guys are saying “Global Warming” It is just dribble cooked up by the “green energy” Lobbyist.

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