Record Low Temps Set in Nebraska and Iowa

NOAA-NWS6(AP) — Several Nebraska and Iowa cities set new record low temperatures Sunday morning.

The National Weather Service says record lows were set Sunday in Norfolk, Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. Record lows were also set in Des Moines and Ottumwa, Iowa.

Temperatures in Norfolk fell to at least 45 degrees to break the record of 48 from 1925.

Omaha, temperatures fell to at least 50 to eclipse the old mark of 52 set in 1994.

Lincoln temperatures fell to 47 to tie the 1994 record.

In Des Moines, temperatures fell to 51 to break the record of 53 set in 1925.

Ottumwa residents saw temperatures fall to 48. That broke the 1925 record of 50.

The Weather Service says temperatures will stay below normal for several days.

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