On this Entertaing Day July 29th

On July 29th, 1957, Jack Paar made his debut as host of NBC’s “Tonight” show.

In 1959, the Isley Brothers recorded “Shout.”

In 1965, The Beatles’ second film, “Help,” had its royal premiere at London’s Pavillion Theatre.

In 1966, Bob Dylan was involved in a motorcycle accident near Woodstock, New York. He suffered critical injuries and took months to recover.

In 1973, Led Zeppelin’s safe deposit box at The Drake Hotel in New York was robbed. The band lost $180,000 in concert receipts from two shows at Madison Square Garden.

In 1974, Mama Cass Elliott was found dead in London. It was rumored that the former Mamas and Papas lead singer choked on a ham sandwich, but a coroner ruled she had suffered a heart attack. She was 30.

In 1987, Ben and Jerry’s began selling Cherry Garcia ice cream, in honor of Grateful Dead singer-guitarist Jerry Garcia.

In 1996, actor Martin Lawrence was arrested at the airport in Burbank, California, after police found a loaded handgun in a suitcase he was taking on a flight to Phoenix.

In 2000, actor Brad Pitt married actress Jennifer Aniston in Malibu, California. They separated after four and a half years of marriage.

In 2006, actress Pamela Anderson and musician Kid Rock were married in St. Tropez, France. They both filed for divorce four months later.