Nebraska Humane Society Offering Free Cat Adoptions

kitty-humane-society(AP) — The Nebraska Humane Society is offering free cat adoptions to open up space.

The group says it’s offering the free adoptions between Wednesday and Friday. The eligible cats are six months and older.

The Humane Society says the measure is aimed at making sure the group doesn’t run out of space. It says it summer cat population has surpassed its adoption rate.

All the cats are spayed and neutered, as well as vaccinated.

  • meanoldwoman

    If your gonna sentence them to death that way, why not euthinize them humanly, to many will be used as bait for dogs

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    • c’mon man

      Sad, but true. There are a lot of creepy people that will seem like they like cats and do terrible things to the sweet kitties. The cats DON’T deserve that.

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