FDA Links Outbreak of Stomach Illnesses to Mexican Farm

fda(AP) — The Food and Drug Administration says an outbreak of stomach illnesses in Iowa and Nebraska is linked to restaurant salad mix supplied by a Mexican farm.

The outbreak of cyclospora infections has sickened more than 400 people in 16 states. The agency says it is working to determine whether the salad mix is the source of illnesses in the other 14 states.

The FDA traced illnesses from four restaurants to Taylor Farms de Mexico, a processor of food service salads.

The agency did not identify the restaurants where the salad mix was served. The agency said its investigation has not implicated packaged salad sold in grocery stores.

  • http://windows7 Hsiato

    This just go to show that we, as Americans should boycott anything not made or raised in America.

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    • oldman3066

      That and don’t believe everything the government says!!!!! To many people sick with the same symptoms in Nebraska and Iowa, besides the other 14 states, to be tied to just four restaurants. Why don’t they want to name the restaurants? Still to much to be known and not enough information being released!!!!!

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