Kearney Doctor’s Medical License Placed on Probation

Medical-Chart(AP) — A Kearney physician accused of using drugs and prescribing medication without documentation has had his medical license placed on probation for two years.

Daniel McGowan can still practice medicine, but he must abstain from the use or possession of controlled substances unless prescribed by a licensed physician.

McGowan is accused of prescribing controlled substances to friends and work associates but failing to keep records of examinations and prescriptions.

Former co-workers at the Platte Valley Medical Group have also accused McGowan of being addicted to Adderall. McGowan says in a lawsuit that his co-workers ruined his reputation by claiming he was addicted to drugs.

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    This guy once gave me a prescription for a pain medication that I had been taken off of for being allergic to just a couple of days previous – by him!

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