Recent Omaha Killings Noted for Oddity and Savagery

crime-scene(AP) — A recent spate of random, violent killings around Omaha have stood out, even in a city that about 80 percent of Nebraska’s homicides.

The cases include the May killings of a Creighton University professor and his wife in what police say was the work of a serial killer. In June, a 93-year-old woman was raped and beaten to death in her home. Earlier this month, the body of woman was found in a freshly dug cemetery grave. And on Wednesday, a mother of three was found shot to death in a suburban Omaha intersection.

University of Nebraska at Omaha criminology professor Ryan Spohn says the killings are unusual for their brutality and back-to-back occurrences and because the victims are “not who we think of as the typical homicide victim.”

  • meanoldwoman

    it is only the beginning of what is to come. Be prepared

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    • Tired Rancher/Farmer

      Couldn’t agree more!!! People you have to be able to defend yourselves!!

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  • Shep

    We keep allowing drug addicts to have children and/or pretend gangs aren’t home ground terrorists and this is what we get. Of course, it will take another 20 years for our govt to figure it out and another 20 to do anything about it.

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  • Oh Dear God

    The doctors were murdered by an angry and vengeful former student. The young man who raped a 93 year old woman had no known ties to gangs, but did have a history of mental illness. And the fact that the car of a white woman who was shot to death was found in a black neighborhood doesn’t mean it was gang related, considering she lived in a predominantly white area and worked at a bar that was not known to be host to much gang activity. But you are right, the government should have seen that coming.

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