Omaha Woman, 87, Says She’s Got a Gun for the Next Crook

granny-with-a-gun(AP) — An 87-year-old Omaha woman says she’s got a gun for the next crook who wants to steal from her and her husband.

Mauricette and Albert Albin were robbed of personal papers on Saturday. It was the second time the Albins have been crime victims in their south-central Omaha home.

Last year someone pretending to deliver newspapers stole Albert’s wallet.

Mauricette Albin says she tried to stop a man who’d gotten in through an open door on Saturday while Albert Albin was working outside. She tried to keep the man from breaking into their safe. He shoved her away.

Mauricette Albin says she is ready if the crook comes back.

She says that she sees him come in, “I don’t care. I got a gun.”