Theft from Goodwill Nets a Felony Charge for Transient

Maxine Chavez

Maxine Chavez

A local transient is facing a felony charge after she was caught stealing from the Goodwill Store in North Platte.

North Platte Police responded to a reported theft from the store, located at 102 East William, at around 11:24 a.m. on Thursday.

Upon arrival, Officers learned that a female had taken items and left the store without paying for them.

Officers were given a description of the suspect and made contact with Maxine Chavez near the Motel 6.

When contacted by Officers, Chavez was in possession of one of the items taken from Goodwill. ¬†They discovered that Chavez had dropped the other item near Wendy’s.

After recovering the other item, Police placed Chavez under arrest and charged her with Theft by Unlawful Taking.

Because Chavez had prior theft convictions, the misdemeanor charge was upgraded to a felony.

Chavez was jailed at the Lincoln County Detention Center.

  • meanoldwoman

    really they get the stuff for free, bale 90% of it to be shipped to God knows where, she should have gone to the connection they would have given her a voucher for their store not charged her a dime

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  • doh!

    ok I know theft is wrong, but is there no one who was willing to help a woman who must’ve needed something badly? Can’t we get together and pay off the whopping [probably] 5-10 dollars worth of merchandise she took. Sometimes people just need a helping hand & are too ashamed to ask.. I feel for this lady.

    Current score: 9
  • http://npp prid

    That is right they get the stuff for free..sell it high and do not help anyone for anything..
    All though they do have their favorite customers that get things free..
    And management can reduce prices for whom ever she wants ! Maybe she is lifting too !!!

    Current score: 4
  • SadDayInNP

    It makes me sad to see stuff like this. She is homeless and took from a store that gets their “Merch” for free. She is facing felony charges for this but people in this town can drive drunk, get bust with drugs over and over, ect and be back to work at UP the next day.
    We need to take a look at the legal system in this town it seems a bit off to me.

    Current score: 8
    • rowdy1

      My thoughts exactly. Rape and drug girls who can’t remember what happened because they were drugged, and get a slap on the wrist, but steal from good will and… At least she will have a bed, a shower, and a couple meals.

      Current score: 5
  • http://ThePost SOMUCHSTUPIDITY

    It would have been a misdemeanor.. but since she has PRIOR THEFTS its now a felony.. Did you all miss that?

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    • in the know

      Yes she did have quite a few priors for it to be a FELONY THIS TIME. Maybe the rest of you all need to find out what Goodwill really does and how they help those in need. I know they sell the merchandise they get for free but its to pay the employees a decent wage and to also help work with our local people with brain injuries that would not be able to hold a job or live on their own. I will continue to shop and support this store.

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    • Russel Simpson

      PRIOR THEFTS could mean stealing from OTHER GOODWILLS…

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  • Mindy

    Ok first of all, what she did was wrong and she keeps doing it. Don’t let Maxine’s lack of housing fool you, she knows what she’s doing and doesn’t want any help. This is yet another case where this community has failed to help the mentally ill. Do you know if they are too ill for the shelter and nobody else takes them they wander the streets? She has anything and everything she needs including money but its a lifestyle choice brought on by mental illness and addiction.

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  • rowdy1

    The sad thing is, she will probably get more time in jail than those who get picked up for DWI. They get 30 days or less. Stealing is a crime. You must know her personally Mindy, to know how much money she has.

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