Arkansas SWAT Officers Kill Man, 107, in Standoff

police-lights-red(AP) — Police in the southeast Arkansas city of Pine Bluff say a 107-year-old man is dead after SWAT officers shot back at him during a standoff at a home.

Pine Bluff Lt. David Price said police officers called to the home Saturday were told Monroe Isadore had pointed a weapon at two people there.

Officers had the threatened pair leave the home and approached a bedroom. Police say Isadore shot through the door at officers but missed hitting them.

More officers were called, including a SWAT team that inserted a camera into the room and confirmed Isadore had a handgun.

Police say SWAT officers released gas into the room when negotiations didn’t work. They say Isadore shot at officers and they fired back, killing him.

  • The White Jesus

    He was 107 years old.. Sneak up behind him and smack him. Jeez. Glad I don’t live in Pine Bluff.

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  • meanoldwoman

    he had the right to defend himself and his property

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    • PB

      Amen, no warrant = no access. They murdered this man!

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      • NPgrad89

        I don’t see in the story where it says it was his house, or his property. Just that he was there and had threatened two other people there with a gun. Lots of assumptions going on………Though he was 107, so I wonder if lethal force was really necessary. I guess I can’t say since I wasn’t the one he was shooting at.

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  • Colonel Angus

    It was his time to go

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  • Ty

    Remember Jose Guerrna. An Arizona Marine who got his door busted in at 7am. What they call a no knock warrant by Swat on a “suspected weed possession charge He met them at his door with his AR15 thinking an intruder. They shot him over 60 times.Jose never got his safety off. Welcome too the new Gestapo better known as America’s SWAT .

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