Oregon Man Gets Prison for Marijuana Bust in Seward County

POT-BUST(AP) — An Oregon man has been given prison time for transporting more than 100 pounds of marijuana across Nebraska.

45-year-old Raul Verdugo Jr., Ashland, Ore., was sentenced Tuesday to 20 months to three years in prison.

The Nebraska State Patrol says Verdugo was stopped in January 2012 on Interstate 80 in Seward County for speeding. A drug patrol dog indicated the smell of drugs in his vehicle, and a search turned up the marijuana.

Verdugo later pleaded no contest to possession of more than 1 pound of marijuana and no drug tax stamp.

  • him

    wtf locking him up with rapists, murderers, thieves etc & he hurt nobody i mean that’s a sh&%load of weed, but c’mon it’s only weed, prison???

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  • Tommy Verdugo

    Raul Verdugo Jr is now a federal informant.

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