Nebraska Inmate, Transgender Partner Appeal Marriage Ruling

jail(AP) — A Nebraska prison inmate and his transgender partner are appealing a judge’s decision to dismiss their lawsuit against the state prison system, which they say has refused to let them marry.

The couple is challenging a Nebraska constitutional amendment that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Lancaster County District Judge Steven Burns dismissed the case on grounds that the prisoner, Harold Wilson, and Gracy Sedlak failed to pay an $82 court filing fee. Sedlak previously identified as a man named John Jirovsky.

The 57-year-old Wilson is serving a 56- to 170-year prison sentence for attempted murder, kidnapping and sexual assault. The 27-year-old Sedlak can’t visit Wilson because of a three-year waiting period on former inmates visiting prisons.

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    Y . U . C . K……………………………….

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  • Chuck Matson

    “It” should have got imprisoned on the left coast. Thank God most Nebraska voters are still sane!

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      Not to mention intolerant …….

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    It is unnatural to be gay…why else would lesbians have to buy toys shaped like MALE genitalia. It’s wrong and disgusting.

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    Honestly we the tax payers spent too much money to house these people. Prison should be hard labor. No TV AC or all the BS we have to provide these animals!

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    Really Grow! GAY IS OK

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    Wow people! Its a new world and GAY is OK! I agree that marraige is equal Between a man and women a women and women or a man and a man!

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