Colorado Flood Evacuees Return to Find More Heartbreak

Posted 2 years ago

By Scott Carlson

floodzone(AP) — Rescue crews in Colorado say the number of emergency calls is dropping after they’ve rescued hundreds more people stranded by floodwaters.

State officials say as many as eight people are believed to be dead. Fewer than 650 people are listed as missing and officials hope the number will continue to decline as the stranded get in touch with families.

The death toll is expected to increase but officials say it could take weeks or even months to search through flood-ravaged areas looking for people who died.

As skies clear and floodwaters recede, the number of emergency airlifts is tapering off. The Colorado National Guard says more than 2,300 people and 850 pets have been airlifted to safety.

Colorado counties report about 19,000 homes either damaged or destroyed.

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    iam glad to read that they were resueing the pets as well

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