NP Man Arrested for Sexually Assaulting 14 YO Girl

Douglas Thompson

Douglas Thompson

A 68-year-old man North Platte man has been arrested on suspicion of third-degree sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl.

Police arrested Doug Thompson at a home on Sunday.

Police say the girl told investigators that Thompson approached her while she was trying on a dress in her bedroom and touched her in a sexual manner.

A person who called 911 to report the assault told police Thompson was threatening to harm himself, but he was calm when police arrived and was arrested without incident.

Thompson was being held Thursday in the Lincoln County jail on $50,000 bond and could not be reached for comment.

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  • Ralph Mouth


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  • ok?

    NASTY! hope he gets a lengthy sentence in jail

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  • Melissa

    TWO sides to every story everyone!!

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  • Interesting

    And this is why many people are afraid to become foster parents and put themselves out there. Kids can turn on you in a second after you’ve bent over backwards trying to give them a stable life. His word against hers. Doug and his wife have been a God sent in this girls life and anyone that knows them can attest to that.

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    • Beth

      thanks, and this is just why there is a shortage of foster homes. Been fostering children for 30+ years.

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  • UHM

    This is completely bull and untrue. I can’t wait till they prove him innocent and that little liar gets a felony for lying.

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  • NPgrad89

    There are a whole lot of good people who are falsely accused of things like this. Reserve judgment until the truth all comes out. It is my belief that this man is innocent, and those who know him can attest to his character. Unfounded claims like this are all too common when trying to help our youth in jeopardy. We should always investigate when our young people say something happened, but we also have to take into consideration the previous trauma and behavioral history of the young person making the claim. Lets not publicly ruin this guy’s life over claims of abuse until it is proven HE did the abusing.

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  • tammy

    not sure what to think about this i do know him he worked with me and my family he helped me in so many ways back then and i still live by some of what he told me it is hard for me to belive that this could happen his anger at the ppl he who realy did this to other was real so it makes me think how could he do this casuse of how he hated to see the kids hurt

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  • baas60

    I for one can not believe this so I will stand behind this man. The truth will come out anyone who knows him knows he is a good man. Don’t judge until you know both sides to this horrific story. But remember this young lady needs our prayers too.

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  • http://e big bad

    This is one man I will bet my life on he did NOT do it

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  • KEkid

    I don’t believe he would have he has been a help to many young people and families, over 15 years ago he was a family support worker, one of the best my family and a friends family had!!!

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  • Russel L Smith

    I would bet this kinda thing happens a lot more than most people think. Kids these days think they can do what they want when they want. Whats more, if you whoop their a$$ or send them to dinner without supper and they tell someone later that doesn’t approve of “appropiate necessary punishment”, then your charged with Child Abuse or Child Neglect. Around here, the second the story is published most have already made up your mind that your guilty just because of heresay.

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