South Platte Still Rising in Western Nebraska

floodzone(AP) — Flooding along the South Platte River in western Nebraska had initially caused little damage, but the river continues to rise as Colorado floodwaters arrive.

The flooding began near the Colorado-Nebraska border on Wednesday and forced the closure of the Interstate 80 exit into Big Springs and a truck stop.

A breach in the river bank also developed west of Brule. Keith County Emergency Manager Pete Peterson says the water encroached on the Farmers Cooperative Association grain elevator outside of town but didn’t threaten Brule.

Officials said the South Platte was extremely full at Ogallala Thursday morning, but hadn’t yet overflowed.

The National Weather Service predicts flooding will continue along the South Platte and later the Platte River over the next several days as the surge of water moves east.

  • megan

    Is the interstate still open heading west?

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    • North Platte Post

      Yes, the Interstate is still open. At this point they have only closed the exit into Big Springs. We will keep you advised on any road closures as a result of the flood. Thanks for reading the Post!

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    I haven’t been over by Leota street -( staying out of the way )……..will we see large equipment in that area anywhere between the homes and the river??…I am guessing by the new viaduct is where we will see it most likely huh?

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  • Just a Mom

    Thank you for keeping up to date info for us. Prayers for all the people affected by this flood. I am hoping and praying that my home is not flooded, but it could end up that way.

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    • Really???

      Just a Mom, I pray that your house is safe…but i found out when the north platte flooded that there are many kind people around town if you post it on for sale sites on facebook or craig’s list that will come help hopefully sand bag or donate their hard work and equipment to help you.God Bless

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      • Really???

        We do have our share of sickos and criminals in this town but there are still a lot of decent hard working people here that would help in a second. Hence why i am still here i love NP even with its flaws :)

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  • worried

    Does anyone know where to get free sand?

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  • BLS

    Will this effect the drinking water here in N.P. ?? Been hearing of a lot of oil and gasoline from Colorado has spilled into the river….

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  • http://facebook T -bone

    We are not expecting any flood related issues with the Water or Electric or sanitary sewer systems. from the information we have our water system is not in danger of being contaminated. There are a lot of false rumors out there about the city water. If you have concerns call the city before you act on rumors 535-6740 # 6 Thank you

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