Facebook Message Leads to Stalking Charge for North Platte Man

Dylan Aufdengarten

Dylan Aufdengarten

A North Platte man is facing multiple felony charges after Police say he sent a Facebook message to a female who he is prohibited from contacting.

At around 10:10 p.m. on Tuesday, North Platte Police received a complaint of a protection order violation from a 29-year-old female.  The victim alleged that the suspect, Dylan Aufdengarten, had messaged her via Facebook.

The responding officer confirmed that there was an active Domestic Protection Order served on Aufdengarten, in which the victim was the protected party.

The Officer was able to locate Aufdengarten at a residence in the 2400 block of West 14th where he discovered that the owner of the home was not present, and also had a separate Protection Order in place against Aufdengarten.

Police placed Aufdengarten under arrest and charged him with two counts of  felony Violation of a Domestic Protection Order.  Additionally, Police learned Aufdengarten had just been released from a 10-day jail sentence earlier in the day, also for violating a protection order.  Because of the previous conviction, he was charged with Stalking, also a felony.

Aufdengarten is being held at the Lincoln County Detention Center.

  • PB

    If everything this says is true, he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I am always skeptical. Does she or someone trying to protect her know his password? Just asking the question there are some very vengeful people in this World.

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    • makesmoresensethanyou

      did you not see that they found him in a home he was not supposed to be in because the owner of the home also had a protection order against him ?

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  • Ralph Mouth

    Regardless of whether or not some vengeful person is out there, what the hell was he doing in the home of ANOTHER person who had a separate protection order. I doubt this is someone being vengeful.

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  • Some never learn

    Talk about someone who enjoys the accommodations of the jail…Gets out and not even a day later is already back in the system.

    Throw him back in prison, its where this scandalous person needs to be.

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    • makesmoresensethanyou

      what do we have to do to make our jails a place no one “wants” to be … sure there are people who say i dont want to go to jail but there time spent there certainly doesnt make them stop offending so back in they go ….in the words of jim carry in liar lair ….. dont want to go to jail ? STOP BREAKING THE LAW A..HOLE

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