FBI: Washington Navy Yard Shooter Didn’t Target Specific Victims

Aaron Alexis

Aaron Alexis

(AP) — The FBI says there is no indication that the Navy Yard shooter targeted any specific individuals when he opened fire inside a building, killing 12 people.

Valerie Parlave, head of the FBI’s field office in Washington, said Wednesday during a news conference that investigators are continuing to explore the background and motivations of 34-year-old Aaron Alexis. However, she says Alexis had a well-documented history of mental health issues.

Parlave says Alexis held a delusional belief that he was being controlled by extremely low frequency waves, or ELF waves. Alexis had written “my ELF weapon” on a shotgun he used in the rampage.

Alexis, a former Navy reservist and IT contractor, was killed in a shootout with police.

  • PB

    Was he being controlled? So, the day after it is announced that there seems to be no possible way for stricter gun laws to pass, a man who claims the Government is controlling him with ELF waves goes on a rampage at a secure facility in DC. Coincidence? You decide, but projecting voices into a persons head is possible and its even documented that our Government has experimented with this technology.

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  • http://crome hsiato

    I find it rather strange, if a white had shot up some blacks there would be a huge racist cry from the black so called black “preachers”. But, now that a black shot up some whites they are quiet. It seems to me that the ni#@%ers are the racists.

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