Lincoln Woman Sentenced for Sex with Former Foster Child

gavel(AP) — A 30-year-old Lincoln woman has been given 18 months of probation for having sex with her former foster child.

The woman was sentenced Tuesday for child abuse.

At a trial in May, the now 20-year-old man said he was 15 when he moved in with the woman and her husband in 2008. She became his legal guardian about a year later. He says she kissed him one day in 2010, then had sex the next night.

Her lawyer argued the subsequent two-year relationship was consensual. The prosecutor said the woman put the teenager in a situation that endangered his life or physical or mental health by sexually abusing him.

The Post is not naming the woman, to protect the man’s identity.

  • Ralph Mouth

    Slap on the wrist. Send her A$$ to jail.

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  • ShakingMyHead

    She should do hard time for a L O N G time!!! What the hell was that judge thinking!!

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  • PB

    If he was seventeen in 2010 then he was at the age of consent. I am in NO WAY justifying her actions, but what she did is it a crime?

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