Nebraska Landowners Complain About Valuation Jumps

taxes(AP) — The state Legislature’s Tax Modernization Committee has gotten plenty of complaints about property valuations from landowners in western Nebraska.

At hearings Monday in Scottsbluff and Tuesday in North Platte, the sentiments were the same: Property taxes are too high, and so are valuation increases.

For example, Custer County rancher Jim Jones said Tuesday that the valuation on his land rose by more than $310,000 in 2012. But he said the land was worth no more to him after the increase than before. He says real estate taxes need to be based on productivity.

The committee is focusing on property, income and sales taxes and will report its findings back to the Legislature.

  • fnp

    When the market collapsed 5 years ago, we were all promised revised lower property valuations in line with reality. That never materialized and anyone who protested got a rubber stamp “no” answer. Then here comes wall street and easy money from the feds and investors looking to invest in land and intentionally run up the price for a quick buck. Leaving the REAL landowners and users with higher property valuations and to add insult to injury, many of the levy’s were increased at the same time due to irresponsible governmental agencies’ spending habits. Then add to that the new water farm and increased fees per acre, corn dropping by 40%+ per bushel and you have a real issue now.

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  • PB

    The simple fact is my personal property should not be taxed. IT IS MINE, they have no right to charge me for owning my land. Taxation of land is how they steal property from owners. Taxes should be based on consumption not valuation. We would see a GREAT increase in tax revenue if ALL buying is taxed.

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