Weapons, Drug Charges Filed Against 18 in Omaha

gang-crackdown(AP) — Federal and local authorities have charged 18 suspected gang members for weapons and drug offenses.

Authorities say more than 50 officers executed search and arrest warrants on Thursday and have at least nine of the suspects in custody.

Authorities say the charges are a result of a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Program that began its work in January.

The criminal histories of the 18 include more than 72 arrests, 15 felony convictions and 49 misdemeanor convictions.

U.S. Attorney Deborah Gilg says “career gang thugs with drugs and guns have terrorized Omaha far too long.”

  • http://northplattepost Mr. Bojangles

    cable cement blocks to their legs and drop them off the big Mo bridge, they can’t be much worse then the garbage that goes in the river.

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  • http://crome hsiato

    It is about time that our U S Attorney started to do her job.

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