Nebraska Man Placed on Probation Ordered Not to Date

Posted 2 years ago

By Scott Carlson

gavel-more(AP) — A northeast Nebraska man convicted of an attempted felony has been sentenced to three years of probation — and no dating.

Authorities say 21-year-old Jeffrey Hoadley, of Carroll, helped plan the Dec. 5 burglary of an auto parts store, but backed out as he and an accomplice approached the business.

Hoadley was initially charged with burglary, but he pleaded guilty in June to the lesser offense.

On Friday, Judge Mark Johnson sentenced Hoadley to three years’ probation and a 120-day jail term that could be waived if he successfully completes the terms of his probation — including an order not be involved in any romantic relationships during his probation.

In explaining the condition, the judge told Hoadley, “You need to focus on you.”

  • http://post team roper

    they cant do that id appeal it that is the dumbest thing i have heard the court system do yet who do these judges think they are that has to be against his rights r something and the crime has nothing to do with dating and what if he had a girlfriend before the crime i find this whole thing stupid

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    • NPgrad89

      Wow. Punctuate much? I can hardly make heads or tails out of this.

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  • PB

    That is an unconstitutional request made by the judge. So according to this story, he is only guilty of helping to plan the event but not participating, So what crime did he commit? He is charged with attempting a felony, but he did commit a felony. Wake up people!!!!!! He is being charged with a thought crime. No actual crime was commited by him. He should appeal this whole decision. It smells of governmental intrusion and over reach!

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    • What for it…

      Coming from a guy who works for the government.

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  • insanity

    It’s conspiracy or aiding and abetting, whichever you would like to choose. There are criminal acts that you can plan and not go through with, and he did commit a crime, he took a substantial step towards the culmination of the crime. Just because he chickened out doesn’t mean he didn’t go there with intent. And apparently SOMEONE committed the burglary, or they wouldn’t have charged it in the first place. Additionally, a judge can put just about any restriction that he wants to on probation, that’s the whole privilege of probation.

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  • Jules Winnfield

    He’s been convicted of a crime. Show me where legally it’s unconstitutional? Once you’re on probation or parole your privacy rights go out the window. You can and probably will be searched for no reason at any time by your corrections officer or law enforcement.

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  • Just a Mom

    I guess I understand the judge saying he needs to focus on himself, but I do not understand or agree with “No dating while you are on three years probation.” Dating has nothing to do with the crime he planned. It would make more sense if his crime would have been assalting a female, but I still don’t think I would agree with the stipulation.

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  • WOW

    I beg to differ with most of you, the terms of my divorce state that I am not to date anyone until my child is eighteen and if I do enter into a relationship my parental rights are revoked and I can only see my child under supervised visitation or at the discretion of my ex, back ground checks are required for anyone that my child is in contact with, family, friends etc. I have never been convicted of a crime, I’ve only had two speeding tickets in the past ten years. Judges can and will do whatever they see fit. My attorney did appeal to a higher court and it was rejected as the supreme court ruled that it was not an unconstitutional request from the previous judge or my ex’s attorney. All because I was in a domestic violence situation and they felt I was incapable of making sound decisions when it came to relatonships.

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    • Just a Mom

      Wow, WOW, I’d say you got screwewd!! I have heard of divorce decrees saying you cannot have a person of the opposite sex be over after 10:00 pm unless you are married, yours is a first like that. And I still don’t understand how a judge can do that! We are losing all of our rights.

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      • WOW

        she will be 18 in May. I have been doing this for 5 years now!

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        • Just Me

          I admire that you’ve done what was required to be in your daughters life!!

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