Feds to Test New Pollution Control System at Gerald Gentleman

nppd(AP) — A new system to capture one of the main gases linked to global warming will be tested at a Nebraska coal plant over nearly four years.

The U.S. Department of Energy chose the Nebraska Public Power District’s Gerald Gentleman plant near Sutherland for the $19 million project that starts Oct. 1.

The project will test a carbon dioxide capturing system designed by Ion Engineering of Boulder, Colo.

NPPD Vice President Tom Kent says the utility wanted to participate to get a good real-world test of the concept. If it’s successful, a system like this could help reduce pollution at NPPD’s coal plants.

A $15 million federal grant will cover most of the cost. Ion and its partners will pay most of the rest. NPPD is contributing in-kind services worth about $750,000.

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    Maybe they should try to stop volcanoes since they spew out more co2 in one big eruption than the entire history of mankind! Absurd fools! Its amazing that people still believe in manmade global warming especially since globaly the earth us in a cooling cycle like we had in the 70s . The earth goes through cycles and we are not in control anyway!

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