Trembly Charged with Possession of Meth

Taylor Trembly

Taylor Trembly

A North Platte man is facing drug charges following a traffic stop Sunday afternoon.

According to a North Platte Police Department (NPPD) news release, a NPPD Officer was conducting traffic enforcement in the area of Birchwood and South Buffalo Bill at around 4:20 p.m., Sunday, when he observed Taylor Trembly traveling southbound on a motorcycle.   The Officer had reason to believe Trembly had a revoked license.

The Officer contacted Trembly as he parked the unlicensed bike on Cedarberry Lane.  Police say Trembly was detained due to a past flight to avoid arrest involving him and the Officer on scene.

Police confirmed that Trembly’s Nebraska Operator’s license was revoked and placed him under arrest.  Following a search incident to arrest, the Officer discovered a small baggie containing suspected methamphetamine near where Trembly had been seated in the patrol car.  A field test of the substance confirmed the Officer’s suspicions.

Trembly was arrested and charged with Possession of Methamphetamine and Driving Under Revocation.

He was jailed at the Lincoln County Detention Center.



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    Taylor, you aren’t your dad. You are better than that. You have a family that loves you. Get help.

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      No he’s not his dad, you’re right his daddy made his mistakes, paid for them and moved on… apparently you are behind in the times ole Ralphy Mouth… his daddy may have been a wild one back in the day but wow, how many several years back are you goin? Hell, my Uncle is about as good as they come… sounds like you need to tuck your teeth in and get your facts together before you start floppin them lips!!!

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    What I’d like to know is how the hell he got out so quickly after running from the cops the first time…

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      Uhh he posted bond….

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    I hate when your dope falls out in the cop car!! D’oh

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