Tweeker Town: Police Make Multiple Meth Busts in NP

Posted 2 years ago

By Scott Carlson

The North Platte Police Department had a busy day Thursday, especially when it comes to the battle against methamphetamine.

-At around 9:25 a.m., a patrol officer on duty recognized Timothy Caudillo operating a motor vehicle.  The officer believed that Caudillo had a suspended license and initiated a traffic stop after confirming that his license was indeed suspended.  Caudillo was placed under arrest on suspicion of driving on a suspended license.  The officer then made contact with a passenger in the vehicle, Alicia Suhr, who he soon learned had a warrant for failure to appear.  Suhr was placed under arrest and officers performed a search of the vehicle which revealed drug paraphernalia and a small baggie of suspected methamphetamine.  Officers then performed a search on Caudillo and discovered more paraphernalia.  Upon arrival at the Lincoln County Detention Center, Suhr was again searched and a baggie containing approximately a 1/2 ounce of meth was found in her underwear.  Suhr was then charged with Possession of Methamphetamine with the Intent to Deliver.  Police say more charges may be filed when lab results are returned.

-At around 11:25 a.m., information was gathered and a search warrant was granted for a residence in the 1800 block of West 2nd Street.  Several officers responded to the residence to serve the warrant.  Once inside, officers had contact with Fred Navarette and Keith Phelps.  A search of the residence turned up several items of drug paraphernalia as well as suspected methamphetamine.  Officers determined there was probable cause to arrest both men and charge them with Distribution of Methamphetamine and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.  They were booked into the Lincoln County Detention Center.

-In the final bust of the day, a patrol officer observed Stacy Navarette operating a motor vehicle.  The officer had probable cause to arrest Navarette for Possession of Methamphetamine from a case generated in May of 2013.  The case involved a traffic stop in which suspected meth was found on Navarette’s person.  The suspected meth was sent to the lab for testing and the results recently came back positive.  The officer initiated a traffic stop and placed Navarette under arrest for the charges from the earlier case.  Upon searching Navarette’s purse, officers found drug paraphernalia, a digital scale and a baggie of suspected meth.  Additionally, officers located a pill bottle which contained 11 different pills, some of which were controlled substances and some which were not.  Navarette was unable to show that she had a prescription for any of the pills.  As a result, Navarette was arrested on the possession charge from the May case, and additional charges of Possession of Controlled Substances (meth and pills) and Distribution of Methamphetamine.  Police say Navarette lives at the residence on 2nd Street where Fred Navarette and Keith Phelps were arrested earlier in the day.  She too was booked into the Lincoln County Detention Center.


  • L_Green

    Why am I not surprised by this bust but my question is where are the kids? Tim has 3 little ones and Alishia has 5 so where are they. Has the state stepped in and put them in a safe place? His wife Nicole can’t seem to stay out of jail long enough to take care of these kids

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    • Beesma

      I believe Alisha’s Mom & her husband have the kids. Sad situation for the families & children involved. There are innocent victims in all these people’s choices. Sad…

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  • Lol

    Stacy Fred Keith cook and sell out of there house on 2nd throw away the key already

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  • him

    way to go NPPD get all of ‘em :)

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  • me

    People dont know keith he was in wrong place wrong time he is a great guy he do anything to help others out snd people dont even get to see that side of him…we love and miss you keith praying for the best!!!!

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  • 133×5+1

    pray for the tweakers…. nice… lock up all the trash

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  • jd

    About time! Why is it that Keith county crimestoppers will act on a tip asap but Lincoln county makes an arrest after years of Fred and Stacy being turned in several times?

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  • HereWeGo

    Seems Like There Should Be More..

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  • what?

    For real?! Keith is a great guy? Wrong place, wrong time? That guy is always in the hot sheets. I really can’t believe he’s just in the wrong place, wrong time all the time. Get real!

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  • http://northplattepost must be

    Really is noones place to judge anyone,,np quick to past judgement,,,it happens in all walks of life,,,,for you all knowing so much about there lives maybe you were a tweeker atone time and maybe you chose to change your life gives you no right to past judgement..HMMMM,,interesing,let the courts deal with them.

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    • boo who

      O shut up

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    • bigtroubleinlittlenp

      Actually has a point, all the hot sheets comments seem to be anymore is people kicking other people when they are down. must be nice to be so friggin perfect that you can attack others for their mistakes.

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      • Lol

        Read below

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      • Just Me

        You know, after seeing the same names in the hot sheets over & over, its a safe bet that they are scum… I’ve never been inb the hot sheets, & people feel its ok to judge me. IF YOU DONT WANT TALKED ABOUT ON HERE, KEEP YOUR ASS OUT OF JAIL!!!!

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      • ……………..

        and I feel I can place judgement when these scum pieces of scum are dealing dope 3 blocks away from my house I have a HUGE problem with that!

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  • 133×5+1

    judgements based on truth….. the facts are all here….

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  • O wow

    Keith needs to get cleaned up and quit selling dope then he mite be a ok guy!

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  • wow

    Alicia has 5 kids and not 1 in her custody! Here she is pregnant with her 6th kid and still being a meth head. If you cant or choose not to stay clean for yourself at least do it for the sake of your unborn child thats living in you getting high every time you do! It just sickening! The state should step in and make that girl so she cant have any more babies! These poor kids!

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  • Shut up

    Abortion clinics abortion clinics and these are the reasons why

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  • mom of 3

    CASA needs more trained advocates, immediately! These are exactly the children will help to find permanent placement for, so they don’t get lost in the system. Please contact 520-0577. Children that have been removed from their home are on a waiting list.

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