Denver Parents Accused of Keeping 4 Boys in Filth

(AP) — Court records show a Denver couple accused of keeping four malnourished young sons in a filthy apartment were accused of similar neglect of three other children in 2006.

The parents, Wayne Sperling and Lorinda Bailey, appeared in court Tuesday on felony child-abuse charges. Authorities say their children, ages 2 to 6, lived in an apartment littered with cat feces and flies and couldn’t speak.

Bailey, who is free on bail, declined to comment. Sperling’s lawyer made no public statement.

Records show police found similar conditions at the couple’s apartment in 2006, when they had three other children.

The parents pleaded guilty to misdemeanor child-abuse charges in that case and were ordered to serve probation and take parenting classes.

All the children were placed with a child services agency.

  • Huskerlover

    This is pathetic!…. Let’s give them more kids so they can practice more …. I’m sure I’m like a lot of people- hate seeing kids -( defenseless)- hurt and abused…. These folks need a one way ticket to my “gutting ” farm…. End of story

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    • meanoldwoman

      not to mention a free vascectomy and hysterecotomy to go along with their prision time

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      • c’mon man

        Amen to that. Also can you imagine the animal suffering in that house?

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  • fnp

    I dont normally make my first impression on someones looks, however, in this situation I will. By looking at both of them, I cant imagine they have an IQ of 10 between and my best guess is that neither one of them knows how to complete a sentence. People that abuse children should flat out be put to death in public for all to see.

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  • makesmoresensethanyou

    I am sorry … this is where I believe permanent sterilization needs to be in place….

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  • ok?

    wonder if there relation to the girl that put her kids in a kennel :/

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  • ShakingMyHead

    Wow….what a waste of air!!!

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