Lincoln County Divorces


  • Laurie S. Carter vs. Craig A. Carter
  • Jerald W. Coleman vs. Marian M. Eckley
  • Thomas McConnaughey vs. Carrie McConnaughey
  • Seth Hasenauer vs. Brady J. Goodwin
  • Joni L. Matson vs. Mark C. Matson
  • Russel D. Jones vs. Jacquelyn D. Jones
  • Cheri Hopkins vs. Timothy E. Hopkins
  • Jaeme L. Day vs. Quaine M. Day
  • Kailee A. Linderman vs. Joshua M. Linderman
  • Victoria R. Duran vs Rosendo D. Duran
  • Francis W. Setzer vs. Hollie K. Setzer
  • Steven P. Coleman vs. Marileigh Coleman
  • Dale W. Ward vs. Christine H. Ward
  • Thomas W. Reed vs. Kimberly M. Melton Reed
  • Melissa A. Walsh vs. John J. Walsh III
  • Patrice Muehlenkamp vs. Russell Muehlenkamp
  • Alysa Atkins-Griffin vs. Jeffrey Griffin
  • Tauna J. Moore vs. Johnnie R. Moore
  • Jolynn S. Domingues vs. Marcus F. Dominguez
  • Lora M. Lease vs Craig N. Lease II
  • Jennifer Richmond vs. Timoth Richmond
  • Dustie K. Closman vs. Trevor J. Closman
  • Christina L. Spencer vs. Joshua A. Spencer
  • Georgina R. Betancud vs. Scotty Betancud
  • William Whisenhunt vs. Physha Whisenhunt
  • Connie K. Nichols vs. Paul F. Nichols
  • Michael L. Parker vs. Rebecca M. Parker
  • Barbara Barraclough vs. Jack Barraclough
  • Sean A. Balerud vs. Tristiny S. Clausen
  • Thomas D. Dimmitt vs. Brenda K. Dimmitt
  • Sandra M. Milroy vs. Kenneth L. Milroy
  • Pamela J. Childears vs. Jarid R. Childears
  • Malinda A. Wood vs. Justin D. Wood
  • Delana Schweitzer vs. Timothy Schweitzer
  • Walter D. Gruber vs. Lori L. Gruber
  • Gary W. Jeffers vs. Kathy Jeffers
  • Shane J. Thompson vs. Amanda M. Thompson
  • Ted L. Cook vs. Norana A. Cook
  • Sara K. Boyer vs. Booker L. Boyer
  • Janet J. Faling vs. Gary L. Faling
  • Sydni R. Kenfield vs. John D. Kenfield
  • Patrick Waalkens vs. Stephanie Waalkens
  • Lisa A. Gutz vs. Mark A. Gutz
  • Christian A. Barth vs. Mindi J. Barth
  • Laurie A. Jones vs. Steven Jones
  • Brandon Quinn vs. Christine Quinn
  • Patti L. Vossen vs. Patrick D. Vossen
  • Justin Price vs. Brandi Price
  • Cecilia S. Hammond vs. Dennis G. Hammond
  • Jessica A. Swoboda vs. Paul E. Swoboda
  • Malery C. Vigil vs. Anthony R. Vigil
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  • npisdirty


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  • big bad

    when patrise gets her final decree she also needs a metal for being married to that ,,

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    • Ralph Mouth

      what kind of metal do you think she needs – definition of metal: any of a class of elementary substances, as gold, silver, or copper, all of which are crystalline when solid and many of which are characterized by opacity, ductility, conductivity, and a unique luster when freshly fractured.

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      • Ralph Mouth


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  • big bad


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  • Someone

    Big Bad, You have No clue what your talking about, she has issues!!!

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  • sad day

    Let us post others misfortunes on a forum that is known for being insensitive and judgmental. The Post is becoming a online trash rag like the Bulletin now.

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  • Get Over Yourself

    Sad Day, get over yourself! You’d better include the Telegraph as well, they also publish divorces, and so does every news outlet in Nebraska. Funny how people always blame the Post. It’s kind of like the Hot Sheets, if you don’t want your name on here, then work it out. The media’s job is to share public information, so let them do their job and get a life!

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    • sad day

      The post on fb linking to this article was “by popular demand” like it was wanted by the users of this site… this site is known for little boys and girls hiding behind a fake name to bash people. The internet is a wonderful thing when you can be self righteous and not have to fear the repercussions.

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      • one to talk

        Sad Day, like you are one to talk…. you too are hiding behind a screen name bashing a website that you know you look at probably every day…. so as get over yourself said, get a life!

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  • Josh

    Hey “Big Bad”. Hiding behind a pseudonym is typical of a weak minded, ill informed, scared little punk like you. If you had half a brain and half the courage of the person you’re attacking, it would be a vast improvement over what you currently are. Unlike you, I’m not afraid to hide behind anonymity. My name is Josh Cox and Russ Meuhlenkamp is a good friend of mine. A better friend than you could obviously hope to be to anyone.

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    • Someone

      Well Said Josh!!!!!

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    • Russ Muehlenkamp

      Thanks Josh!! I agree it is pretty bad to hide behind a fake name, Big Bad,thats funny!!but wouldnt expect anything less!! Now then does she deserve a metal? Hmmm.. But I will say that Trish did put up with a lot of stuff, but dont we all. I can say I tried to be a good husband and if you,Big Bad ask Trish Im sure she hopefully wouldnt say any different,but who knows. I can say that she was a great wife and thanks for being one, and I hope Big Bad gets you your metal!!

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  • Just a Mom

    The only people who really know what goes on in a marriage are the two married. We all have issues!! That is part of life. Noone is perfect…

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    • Russ Muehlenkamp

      very well said,and amen!!

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