More Than 12 Lbs. of Weed Seized in I-80 Traffic Stop Near NP

More than 12 lbs. of marijuana was seized and two people arrested after a weekend traffic stop on Interstate 80 just west of the North Platte interchange.

Just before 9:00 a.m., on Saturday, October 12, a trooper stopped an eastbound 2012 Chevy impala for speeding on I-80, three miles west of the North Platte interchange.  An NSP K-9 indicated the odor of drugs coming from the vehicle. A search of the car led to the seizure of 12.4 lbs. of marijuana. The marijuana was located in a duffle bag in the trunk of the vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle, David J. Evans, 29, Newcastle, Calif., and a passenger in the vehicle Felicia P. MacDowell, 23, Converse, Texas, were both lodged in Lincoln County Detention Center, each on a charge of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.

  • him

    it’s just pot I’d rather have a bunch of potheads than alcoholics any day :)

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  • PB

    They were just Holiday Shopping in Colorado.

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  • mom of 3

    It’s not “just pot”. Marijunan today is 10x or more stronger than in the 80s. It causes the same brain reaction that cocaine does. And it makes you LAZY! We already have enough lazy people in our midst.

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    • really???

      Well this was the dumbest comment of the day, and i have even been on FB! Pot and cocaine have the same effect???!!!! Are you serious? Go watch Reefer madness one more time….lol…smh

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      • Wow….

        I agree with really???….mom of 3 you really don’t know what pot is do you? I admit I have been clean for about 5 yrs but I have severe ADHD and OCD and many other problems. It helped me and I wasn’t in the least bit lazy. I had a job and I still have that same job to this day. Just wow…pot and cocaine the same…Who knew!!!

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    • Jules Winnfield

      @ Mom of 3. So, how do you know the difference between pot from the 80’s and pot from now?

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  • rowdy1

    It’s been years since I smoked any pot. But that the last time I did, I had hallucinations and electrical bolts running down my arms and shooting out my fingers. It was called blueberry something. Not the pot I used to smoke in highschool.

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  • him

    well if it weren’t for “pot” i wouldn’t be able to walk let alone hold a job.i don’t see that making me lazy… i’m paralyzed on half my body it’s the only thing that helps!
    legalize not legal lies

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  • Ludacris

    BlueBerry Yum Yum….
    Get ya lighters, roll that sticky, lets get higher

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  • wow mom of 3

    good one haha just wow that all i have to say shm. cocaine and pot alike bahahahahahaha. please no more dumb ass comments. you have no clue what your talking about

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    • stupid people

      pot is not bad for u like cocaine or meth pot don’t kill people so I know for a fact u dnt no what u talking about because cocaine does kill

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      • wow mom of 3

        dont you get what im saying bahaha i like the want me to draw a a picture lmao and i still dont think they will get it haha. isnt pot spouse to effect my brain!!!

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        • wow mom of 3

          and um in case you didn’t kno i was saying wow to mom of 3 dumbass!!!

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  • tiredofit

    Speeding AND pot in the car??? DUMB!!!!

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  • really

    So coke helps people with sicknesses… didn’t kno… that’s pretty amazing

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  • him

    @really wtf are you talking about nobody said coke is good for you or helps $h!t… the comments before you post (no more stupid ones)
    if you have some crayons I’ll happily draw you a picture… :)

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