Advocates Call for Nebraska Tobacco Tax Increase

American_Cancer_So(AP) — Anti-smoking advocates are calling on lawmakers to increase the state’s tobacco tax as part of their reforms to Nebraska’s tax system.

The American Cancer Society’s advocacy arm released a poll Friday that said 68 percent of likely voters in Nebraska support an increase, while 29 percent oppose it. The group will present its poll to the Legislature’s Tax Modernization Committee, which is meeting at the Capitol.

David Holmquist of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network says a tobacco tax increase would help reduce health care costs and discourage youths from smoking. Holmquist says lawmakers could use the revenue for property tax relief, or for smoking cessation programs.

Nebraska’s cigarette tax is 64 cents a pack, the 38th highest nationwide. The national average is $1.53 per pack.

  • chris

    would they like a little blood too, they do know the more of us that quit the less you got for schools along with other services

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  • Finklestein Kidd

    sounds like the ones that DONT smoke are calling for a tax increase. Well what about an “Idiot Tax” for the 68% the put their opinion in where its not needed? Id vote for that tax increase.

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