Nebraskans Asked to Help Spot Whooping Cranes

whoopingcrane(AP) — The Crane Trust is asking help in spotting whooping cranes as they migrate through Nebraska on their way to winter grounds in Texas.

The whooping crane is one of the rarest bird species in North America. It stands nearly 5 feet tall and has a wingspan of up to 7 feet.

Anyone spotting a whooping crane is asked to call the Crane Trust at 1-888-399-2824 to report key information: exact location of the cranes; number of cranes; time and date the cranes were observed; what the cranes were doing (feeding, resting or flying); if leg bands/transmitters were visible; if flying, in which direction.

The whooping cranes are protected under the Endangered Species Act.

  • Rock E Coughman

    Whats the bag limit on something like this ? =)

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  • Colonel Angus

    Rock E the key is not to get caught. I will usually bag 8or9 this time of year when I go snipe hunting……….lol

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  • http://facebook T-bone

    Taste Just like Chicken ………………

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