Texas Woman Found in Freezer Died of Meth Use

police-lights-red(AP) — A medical examiner has ruled that a Texas woman who was found by her son dead in a freezer died after taking methamphetamine and other drugs.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s report released Thursday says 38-year-old Shannon Herrin Huddleston apparently grabbed a coat before crawling into the freezer in her garage on Aug. 8.

A few hours later Herrin’s teenage son opened the freezer looking for food, and discovered his mother dead inside.

The report says Herrin died of the toxic effects of methamphetamine. It says hypothermia also contributed to Herrin’s death. Her death has been ruled accidental.


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    jeeza…seems like they let this one go too easily though. Well if someone did stuff this woman in the freezer after knocking her out and then loading her up with all kinds of drugs, looks like they got away with it scott-free.

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