Nebraskans Will Get New Letters When Plates Are Due

dmv(AP) — Nebraskans will likely notice a change when it comes time to renew their license plates because reminder letters will now come from the state instead of counties.

Department of Motor Vehicles Director Rhonda Lahm says having the state mail the roughly 2.1 million notices each year will be more efficient.

Lahm says her department will use an automated method that should save time and money. Previously, each county sent reminders when vehicle registrations were due for renewal.

State law was changed earlier this year to allow the DMV to take over the job of sending notices.

The change will also eventually allow vehicle owners to receive notice electronically, and the state will have access to the national address change database to help make sure notices reach the right home.

  • PB

    More staet control is NEVER a good thing. So they will be watching our moves now, can someone say Police Sate?

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    • Finklestein Kidd

      …better than the Feds

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    • me

      Misspelled state twice in same comment. Sweet.

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    • seriously!

      You’re right! Better get down to the store and get some tin foil for my hat before it’s all gone! State …… that wasn’t all that hard!

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  • what?

    this is funny. Now we got the paranoids worried about that state having too much control. “Them there governsmints been stolen all me shoes!!!!!”

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  • tiredofit

    All joking aside—-isn’t this the first step to eliminate and consolidate county offices and then consolidate the smaller counties???—Just sayin’—-

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      Yes, and then consolidation to higher and higher levels. More government is NEVER the answer!

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