Unwanted Guests Causing Problems at the Liberty House

bed-bugThere are some guests living free-of-charge at the Liberty House, and they are causing major problems for residents.

The Post received reports of a bedbug infestation at the Liberty House in North Platte.  Beyond being a general nuisance, residents are being bit by the nasty critters and their lives are being greatly impacted.

According to Liberty House administrator, Virginia Olson, the assisted living facility has experienced minor problems with bedbugs, but said the problem is being dealt with by members of the staff and a professional exterminator.  She believes the problem began when a resident moved in following the closure of the Hotel Pawnee.

To make matters worse, as of October 23rd,  the City of North Platte is not providing public transportation to the residents of Liberty House.  Transportation Superintendent, Marilee Hyde, says the city is concerned the bugs will spread if residents are allowed to ride city buses.

A citizen familiar with the situation told the Post that many residents depend on the buses because they cannot afford a taxi and have no other means of transportation.  He went on to say that, because of this, residents are unable to make to appointments with doctors and therapists.  He feels already vulnerable adults are being put in an even more vulnerable situation.

City officials say they will not provide transportation  to residents until the infestation is under control.

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services has not yet returned a call to the Post.

The Liberty House is an assisted living facility for adults with emotional and behavioral issues.

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