Lady A and Billy Currington Take NEBRASKAland Days Back to Its Roots

Seven-time GRAMMY award-winning trio Lady Antebellum announced today that their headlining TAKE ME DOWNTOWN TOUR 2014 will roll into North Platte at the US Cellular Summer Jam Concert Series at the NEBRASKAland DAYS Wild West Arena on June 27th.

The group, which was scheduled to perform for NLD 2013 prior to Hillary Scott’s pregnancy, made good on their promise to play the date this year.

“We’re really pleased to see Lady A come back to North Platte,” said Concert Committee Chairman Hans Julius. “Many of our patrons were disappointed when the band had to cancel last year.”

“We spent almost every day last year backstage writing for our album GOLDEN, so we were really focused on writing songs that would connect with the fans in these arenas. We definitely learned a lot about ourselves as live performers and the type of catalog we wanted to have so that we could go out and try to give the fans the best show they’ve ever experienced,” explains Lady A’s Charles Kelley. “All of that was the jumping off point for this tour, and now it’s time to take it to the next level.”

Rounding out the Concert Series on June 28th will be Billy Currington, who just scored his seventh number one single “Hey Girl”, the first release off his fifth studio album. Opening acts for both shows will be announced at a later date.

Two country acts is not something NEBRASKAland DAYS has done in over 5 years. But going into their 50th Celebration, it felt right.

“At our core, we’re a festival that Celebrates our Western heritage,” says Julius. “Rounding out the Celebration with two acts of this quality just felt right this year.”

And to make sure people can afford the Celebration, NEBRASKAland DAYS is offering some deals.

Fans who buy a ticket for Lady Antebellum can buy a ticket to Billy Currington in the same category for half price. For General Admission, that means both shows for under $80. “We tried really hard to find a combination that we thought people would be able to enjoy at a price point that would be affordable,” said Julius.

Tickets for Lady Antebellum and Billy Currington go on sale to Fan Club and Sustaining members on Monday, November 4th at 9 am. Public sale begins on Wednesday, November 6th and 9 am. Single night ticket prices for Lady Antebellum are $99 for Golden Circle, $59 for General Admission and Grandstand Seating. Handicapped seating is $49. Single Night Currington tickets are $69 for Golden Circle, $39 for GA and Grandstand and $29 for Handicapped. Two night prices are $134 for Golden Circle, $79 for GA, and $64 for Handicapped.


  • npisdirty

    Whoo hoo! NLD makes more $$$ off the country nights anyways!

    Current score: 7
  • Xi


    Current score: 9

    GREAT! NLD Board of Directors has renewed my faith in them once again.

    Current score: 5
  • Brass Monkey

    I will make sure NOT to spend 1 cent on any Nebraska Land Un-event this year. That’s 4-6 tickits, a few drinks & shirts. Normally I spend a minimum of $300.00 Per concert. Kearney and Grand Island, I’ll be spending my $ on your events AGAIN!

    Current score: 8
  • ?

    I bet all of you complainers are also the same ones to complain about there being nothing to do for kids/teens. At least this music our children can go along and enjoy without having to hear the f bomb every 10 words. I’m a fan of lady A’s. great pick! Brass monkey- if you don’t know how to be thankful then I’m sure there’s no feelings lost by you taking your time east.

    Current score: 8
  • …,…

    Bleh… I’ll spend my money elsewhere

    Current score: 7
  • mbcgirl

    It doesn’t matter if you had the #1 selling country artist on Friday night and the #1 selling rock artist on Saturday night somebody is always going to complain. I personally have wanted to go to a couple of the rock concerts since I lived here but not that I wanted to pay that kind of money for.

    Current score: 5
  • Hank

    Kids here the fbomb at school and at there own house. Im happy nland committee didnt book a rock act, cuz they suck at it. They bring in award winning country acts, but just rising stars in the rock field.i guarantee there will be just as many arrest if not more for this years lineup. Country music brings out more trouble than rock, just look at shooters.

    Current score: 9
  • Hank

    Ill just go to imperial, kearney, or gi for a concert. F bomb nld. That was for you “?”

    Current score: 8
    • ???

      Since when has Imperial had a decent rock night? Their numbers for all concerts have declined significantly over the last 3 to 4 years as well.

      Current score: 1
  • Attitude

    “At least this music our children can go along and enjoy without having to hear the f bomb every 10 words”

    Yeah, because teenagers these days all have their radio stations and iPods tuned to country music far more than Top 40 and/or rock. The only reason teens go to these shows is because of the ease of getting their hands on alcohol.

    Get a clue, why don’t you?

    Current score: 4