HHS Head to Testify on Troubled Website Rollout

Kathleen-Sebelius(AP) — As the public face of President Barack Obama’s signature health care program, Kathleen Sebelius has become the target for attacks over its botched rollout. Republicans want her to resign and even some Democrats — while not mentioning Sebelius — say someone should be fired.

For months, Sebelius, the Health and Human Services secretary, projected confidence that the online health insurance markets would open on time Oct. 1 in all 50 states and that a website that’s the key to public enrollments would be ready. Instead, it’s been plagued by technical problems.

How much Sebelius knew about the website’s problems, and when, are key questions she’ll face Wednesday at a House hearing.

Sebelius has acknowledged that the website launch has been rocky. So far, she appears to have the president’s backing.