Kearney Teacher Loses Job Over Church Event Dispute

central-elementary-kearney(AP) — A Kearney teacher who took time off without permission to attend church events has lost her job in a compromise with the school board.

The board met Monday night and ended their meeting with a decision on Candace Flavell, who’d worked for the district since 2001 and teaches English language learners at Central Elementary School.

She’d been denied permission to attend three church events last month but attended anyway. She was put on administrative leave. She appealed to the board because her contract was being canceled. She said her religious freedoms were being denied.

Under the compromise, she’ll remain on paid leave until Dec. 20, after which she’ll quit. If she hasn’t found another job by the start of spring semester, she’ll be hired as a paraprofessional at entry-level pay.

  • meanoldwoman

    If your Christian your out of luck, now if she were Muslim, she would have probably been given a raise.

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