Jones Withdraws from State Senate Race

jones-for-senateLocal attorney Russ Jones has announced that he is withdrawing from the race for State Senate.

In a news release Wednesday, Jones said he decided to put family first.

Jones said he realized his campaign began after speaking with the North Platte Area Chamber of Commerce Legislative Committee on September 11th.

Shortly thereafter, he scheduled tour of North Platte Community College with President Ryan Purdy and Vice President Marcus Garstecki and was so impressed with the “progressive thought process of the administrators,” he realized how rewarding it would be to serve the 42nd District.

However, upon returning home and seeing his son, a Freshman in high school, Jones realized he had a tough choice to make.

After discussing the matter with family, friends and supporters, he decided that, while his son was alright with his run for the Legislature, he was not.

Jones said, “The decision to run was difficult, the decision to not run was not.”

As for the next couple of months, Jones says he will take time to meet with and thank his supporters.

Two candidates, Scott Dulin and Roric Paulman, are still in the running for the seat being vacated by Tom Hansen.

  • Sista Mary Margret

    Its hard to live in a glass house.

    Current score: 9
  • Hank Herndon

    Knowing Russ something happened that wasn’t going to poll very well. Anyone know what it was?

    Current score: 4
    • Finklestein Kidd

      assumptions are the mother of ALL f*** ups. its people like you, who have nothing better to do than sit around and talk about someone else, that make the world we live in annoying as hell. Who cares if the reason hes dropping out of the race is written here or not? Is it really anyones business past the fact that he is not running? I would bet that you probably have enough drama to worry about in your own life without concerning yourself with anothers’.

      Current score: 6
      • Uhhh…

        When you put yourself in the public eye it does make what you’re doing the publics business.. I don’t care why he dropped out, I’m just happy he did. PS You also appear to “have nothing better to do than sit around and talk about someone else.”

        Current score: 3
      • hank herndon

        Listen Russ, the only drama in my life is which bra to put on in the morning. I know your ego and you did not do this for family, you made this decision as you saw the writing on the wall. Now if only someone would enlighten us as to what that writing was.

        Current score: 3
  • big bad

    maybe he ought to try to run in Colorado now with the new laws they have there now he would be a shoe in

    Current score: 1
  • Val

    I’m disappointed that Jones withdrew. I think he would’ve been a person that was truly interested in working for his constituents, but I understand his reasons. As far as the gossip mill, I could care less. There are very, very few people who could run for office that don’t have personal or family issues that media and everyone else could dredge up and regurgitate over and over and over and spin to their heart’s content. Might be a reason why many good people don’t run. Who’d want to put themselves under that microscope? Maybe it’s something Jones will consider in the future. I hope so.

    Current score: 3
  • Ethanol man

    I would of voted for Russ….

    Current score: 2