1 TSA Agent Killed, Several Wounded in LAX Shooting

lax(AP) — Authorities say a suspect is in custody after opening fire at the Los Angeles International Airport and injuring multiple people.

Los Angeles police Officer Norma Eisenman says officers responded to the incident Friday which occurred at 9:30 a.m. in terminal 3.

She says the suspect exchanged fire with airport police and was taken into custody. The airport is being swept for precautionary measures and the bomb unit is on scene.

Reports say one TSA agent was killed and several others were wounded.

Airport staff evacuated travelers and flights were disrupted nationwide.

  • PB

    I challenge everyone to seek out the live news footage from Friday 11/1/2013 and compare it to the official story that has come out now. You will see disturbing diffrences. This is another false flag to get people to stop complaining about The Affordable Care Act and get back to the business of taking away our guns.

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