Neb. Supreme Court Reprimands Omaha Attorney

ne-supreme-court(AP) — The Nebraska Supreme Court has reprimanded an Omaha attorney who was accused of misleading a state Medicaid official.

The court issued its decision Friday against Eric W. Kruger.

According to the reprimand, Kruger represented Edward Smalley in a lawsuit against a construction company that struck him with a vehicle. Smalley was eligible for Medicaid, and medical bills of $400,000 were submitted to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

The department initially refused to pay the claims, saying liability insurance might cover the cost. According to documents, Kruger told the state official Smalley would reimburse the department if it paid. The department made the hospital payments, but Kruger then amended his lawsuit to challenge its claim for reimbursement.

Kruger acknowledged in court papers that he intentionally misled the official.